Caught up with wireless-2.6

Dan Williams dcbw at
Sat May 26 00:47:46 EDT 2007

I spent the past 2 days catching wireless-2.6 up to libertas-2.6 head.
I've sent the pull request to Linville, hopefully he'll pull it in by
next week.

Once the changes are in wireless-2.6, we will rebase libertas-2.6 to
wireless-2.6.  We should send all patches to Linville and the
linux-wireless mailing list from now on, and keep libertas-2.6 as a more
experimental tree.  This does mean that more people will look at and
comment on patches we all will send, but we should take that as a _good_
thing and fix our patches as appropriate.

Since we're upstream now, we should stay upstream; I don't really want
to do another 2-day manual merge.


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