Patch: Fixes for interrupts in the cf8385 driver.

Ryan Mallon ryan at
Wed Aug 8 00:10:44 EDT 2007

Hey all,

First off thanks to Holger Schurig for his work on the cf8385 driver, we
have successfully replaced the binary drivers supplied by Marvell with
his code, which makes our lives a little easier.

The following patch fixes the tx transmit timeout problem, which is
caused by the interrupts being incorrectly check and masked. The patch
moves the interrupt masking code so that interrupts are enabled only
when the driver is registered and only disabled when the driver is
unregistered. The patch also corrects a minor bug with priv->dnld_sent
being set incorrectly in if_cs_host_to_card.

I have tested this with transfer of a 1mb file using both an unsecured
network and WPA security, and received no transmit timeout errors. I
will be testing/timing transfers of some larger files later.

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