libertas-fwt sync'd with Marcelo's tree, new Marvell firmware release

Brian Cavagnolo brian at
Fri Sep 1 12:07:38 EDT 2006


Recall that the libertas-fwt tree found at:;a=summary

is growing driver support for Marvell firmware that will provide mesh
routing features.  The expectation is that features in this tree will
be pulled upstream as the firmware matures.  I just pulled the recent
changes from Marcelo's tree to keep the two as sync'd up as possible.
Any comments on the code are welcome.

The most current firmware can be downloaded from the Marvell website
at under the "drivers" link.  On that page,
select OLPC as the Product Category and download "USB 8388 Release for
MRP."  The zip file contains the usb8388.bin firmware image.  Note
that MRP stands for "Mesh Routing Protocol."  Another acronym that
pops up in the source is FWT which stands for "ForWarding Table."  See
the README file in the libertas directory of the jcardona git tree for
some details on what the FWT does.  I'll look into posting some
testing notes sometime next week.


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