Dlink DWL-G122 Rev D

Ronak Chokshi rchokshi at marvell.com
Tue Oct 17 17:38:33 EDT 2006

Hi Rick,
This will be a substantial task. The RAM where the firmware resides, in
both of these chips are of different sizes. 8388 has a larger one and
8338 has a very small. Hence, the firmware designed for 8388 will not
load on the 8338 part. Several other blocks on the SoC are different
too, although they are of the same family.


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  I noticed that both the 8388 and the 8338 are both in the libertas
family.  Could the OLPC driver be made to work with the 8338 or would
that be a huge task?


> Hmm, OLPC uses an 8388, not an 8338.  Wrong chip maybe?
> =20
> >> Yes, a different chip. The OLPC driver is not at all designed to
> with this chip.
> =20
> Ronak
> =20

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