Marvell regulatory domain info storage?

Dan Williams dcbw at
Sun Oct 1 10:55:49 EDT 2006


Talking with Mitch this week brought up an interesting question.  Where
regulatory domain information for the wireless stored?  We have to know
what channels we can(not) operate on for a given country, and therefore
must communicate that information to the laptop.

Does the Marvell chip have internal EEPROM that we write the appropriate
region code to?  Or must we pull that value from the SPI flash and write
it to the card during init?  It appears that the driver pulls a preset
region code from the card, see wlan_ret_get_hw_spec() in wlan_cmdresp.c.
That indicates that the region code is either in (a) firmware, or (b) in
EEPROM on the card.  The region code may apparently be set from
userspace with a private ioctl.

Thoughts?  At worst, we do country-specific flashes, which we were
already going to do for fonts & translations.  At best, the server
and/or firstboot process communicates region code somehow.

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