writing to mac,bbp or rf registers not supported?

Marcelo Tosatti marcelo at kvack.org
Sat Dec 2 15:09:53 EST 2006


On Fri, Dec 01, 2006 at 05:54:24PM -0800, Ronak Chokshi wrote:
> Marcelo,
> Thanks for the additional info. Yes, the entire MAC, BBP and RF register
> map are not writeable. I guess I am still confused as to what exactly
> you are trying to accomplish through writing different values in these
> registers. If you would just like to test whether the utility is working
> or not, 

Just testing the utility, which is working. 

BTW, the wlanconfig tool has support for accessing other registers such
as CMD_CFREGR, but docs dont mention firmware commands for it:

5.3 Register and Memory Access 
    5.3.1 CMD_BBP_REG_ACCESS Command
    5.3.2 CMD_RF_REG_ACCESS Command 
    5.3.3 CMD_MAC_REG_ACCESS Command

> I can give you a set of registers that you could use for this.

What registers? Do we need to implement access to any other registers in
the interface?

On the same topic, are you OK with removal of wlanconfig, or is still
there anything useful it provides?


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