[PATCH v1] kexec-tools: Perform run-time linking of libxenctrl.so

Daniel Kiper daniel.kiper at oracle.com
Thu Nov 30 12:59:15 PST 2017

On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 10:45:16AM -0600, Eric DeVolder wrote:
> When kexec is utilized in a Xen environment, it has an explicit
> run-time dependency on libxenctrl.so. This dependency occurs
> during the configure stage and when building kexec-tools.
> When kexec is utilized in a non-Xen environment (either bare
> metal or KVM), the configure and build of kexec-tools omits
> any reference to libxenctrl.so.
> Thus today it is not currently possible to configure and build
> a *single* kexec that will work in *both* Xen and non-Xen
> environments, unless the libxenctrl.so is *always* present.


I will take a look at this next week.



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