[ANNOUNCE] kexec-tools v2.0.16 preparation

Simon Horman horms at verge.net.au
Wed Nov 1 01:08:09 PDT 2017

Hi all,

I am planning to release kexec-tools v2.0.16 in the next two weeks.

The normal cadence would have seen it released around the time of the v4.13
kernel. I apologise that once again things have slipped and the plan is no
to release around the time of the v4.14 kernel.

I would like to ask interested parties to send any patches they would like
included in v2.0.16 within one week so that I can make an rc release.

For reference the patches queued up since v2.0.15 are as follows:

c06753313db7 kexec-tools: mips: Use proper page_offset for OCTEON CPUs.
77e769bd1d1f kexec-tools: mips: Merge adjacent memory ranges.
508c7d45e270 kexec-tools: mips: Try to include bss in kernel vmcore file.
552bfbfc00ee kexec-tools: mips: Don't set lowmem_limit to 2G for 64-bit systems.
69431282f075 kexec-tools: ppc64: fix leak while checking for coherent device memory
aec4d0f7a250 kexec-tools: ppc64: avoid adding coherent memory regions to crash memory ranges
21eb397a5fc9 kexec-tools: powerpc: fix command line overflow error
47478ea66d43 kexec-tools: ppc64: fix how RMA top is deduced
161dd0f4f8a8 kexec-tools 2.0.15.git

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