[PATCH 0/7] Add device-tree support to kexec-tools for ARM

Will Deacon will.deacon at arm.com
Mon Sep 10 04:53:58 EDT 2012

On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 01:05:50AM +0100, Simon Horman wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 07, 2012 at 10:11:19AM +0100, Matthew Leach wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > Running a kexec() on ARM platforms has become an issue as information
> > about the platform that is presented via device-tree is required to
> > boot newer kernels.
> > 
> > The ATAGs kernel code is re-used, replacing the ATAGs with a
> > device-tree blob so that only kexec-tools needs to be changed. There
> > are two options for generating a dtb to be passed to the kernel from
> > kexec-tools: 1) Read in the device-tree that is exposed in
> > /proc/device-tree and flatten this out into a dtb.  2) Allow the user
> > to specify a dtb file on the command line.  These blobs are then
> > loaded into memory before the kernel image and the address passed
> > through to r2, as stated in the ARM booting documentation.
> > 
> > These patches depend upon a kernel patch, namely:
> > http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-arm-kernel/2012-September/118275.html
> > 
> > Simon - you are welcome to add your signed-off-by to my final patch as
> > I incorporated bits of your final patch into mine.
> Sure, I'll add the sign-off as part of merging the changes.
> What I have in mind is to to merge the non ppc64/powerpc patches,
> that is 5 of the 7 patches. I'm a but unsure how the kernel-side of things
> will pan out, but an incremental patch can be made to kexec-tools
> if needed and this series shouldn't break any existing support
> Does that work for you?

Sounds good to me, I'll pursue the kernel-side changes for ARM.



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