[RFC PATCH 0/4] Add device-tree support to kexec-tools for ARM

Matthew Leach matthew.leach at arm.com
Wed Sep 5 10:34:09 EDT 2012

Hi Simon,

> Hi Matt,
> are you aware that I posted patches to add ARM DT support
> to kexec-tools a few weeks ago?

Ah, I missed that...
> I'm not particularly concerned which version goes in,
> but perhaps we can learn from each others efforts.

After looking over your patches I propose that I incorporate your
generic fs2dt code instead of pulling in the dtc. Also, I use a
different segment for the dtb rather than appending it to the
zImage; I think this approach would be better as it is less
restrictive, however a kernel patch is required to set r2 to the
appropriate address on entry to the new kernel. What are your

If you are happy with this I will submit a v2 set of patches.


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