[PATCH][EFI] Run EFI in physical mode

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Aug 13 18:24:48 EDT 2010

On 08/13/2010 12:18 PM, Takao Indoh wrote:
> Basically EFI is in physical mode at first and it's switched to virtual
> mode after calling SetVirtualAddressMap. By applying this patch, you can
> run EFI always in physical mode. And you can also specify "virtefi" as
> kernel boot parameter to run EFI in virtual mode as before. Note that
> this patch supports only x86_64.

Any hope to get a followon patch for i386 as well?  That would make it
largely a no-brainer.

Tony, does this affect ia64 in any way?


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