kexec won't --load-panic a 2.6.22 relocatable kernel?

Mike Snitzer snitzer at
Wed Mar 19 02:05:46 EDT 2008

I'm building a x86_64 2.6.22 kernel with the following options set:


If I try to load the kernel with the following I get:

./kexec --args-linux -p '--command-line=ro root=LABEL=/1 rhgb quiet
irqpoll maxcpus=1' --initrd=/boot/initrd-

./kexec: unrecognized option `--args-linux'
kexec-tools-testing 20080318-rc released 18th March 2008
Usage: kexec [OPTION]... [kernel]
Cannot load /boot/vmlinuz-

Now if I remove --args-linux kexec successfully loads the panic kernel
but when I trigger a crash it just loads the kernel and doesn't
actually perform a kdump.  So this proves the relocatable nature of
the kernel is working right?  Its just not passing args as would be
needed to trigger a crash dump?

If I use the same commandline above (--args-linux included) with a
RHEL5U1 kernel kexec will load the panic kernel without problems and
kdump will work when I enduce a crash.

So long story short:  is there some fix that went in upstream after
2.6.22 was released that would enable kexec to load a relocatable
x86_64 kernel with the --args-linux option?  Nothing stands out to me
but I could easily be overlooking something...


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