[PATCH] x86_64 purgatory Makefile typo fix.

Sachin P. Sant sachinp at in.ibm.com
Fri Mar 14 05:17:00 EDT 2008

While trying to test latest kexec tools git code on a x86_64
box i ran into following issue. Kexec refused to load both
kexec and kdump kernels.

# ./build/sbin/kexec -l /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.25-rc5 --initrd=/boot/initrd-2.6.25-rc5 
Symbol: entry32_regs not found cannot get

# ./build/kexec -p /boot/vmlinux-kdump --initrd=/boot/initrd-kdump
Symbol: entry64_regs not found cannot get


It turns out that entry64.S file under purgatory/arch/x86_64 was not
compiled. The original x86_64_PURGATORY_SRCS were being overwritten
in the Makefile.

Here is a patch to fix this issue. 


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