Starting EAP sequence

Michel Verhagen mike at
Thu Mar 11 04:56:00 GMT 2021


I'm using the EAP library to implement EAPOL on an embedded device. Got 
it to go, with EAP-MD5 and EAP-TTLS and certificates, so all good. 
However, I'm trying to get the library to prepare me an EAPOL START 
packet. I'd like to initiate the start of the EAP handshake, because 
depending on the settings of the authenticator, it can take a long time 
before the EAP handshake sequence is initiated.

I thought setting _eap_ctx.eapRestart to 1 (true) or even 
eapTriggerStart to 1 and calling eap_peer_step would get me the packet 
data to send, but I can't see eapTriggerStart used anywhere in the code.

Does anybody know how to get the EAP library to prepare an EAP Start packet?

I can of course prepare and send that packet myself, but it looks like 
the EAP library should be able to do this as well...

Is there any detailed usage documentation somewhere of the EAP library 
that has more examples than just the very simplified and limited fake 
server/client code?

I'm also wondering if this is the correct and preferred way to reset the 
EAP state machine:

         // Reset state machine
         _eap_ctx.eapFail = false;
         _eap_ctx.eapRestart = true;

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