[PATCH] dbus: Add SsidTempDisabled signal

Fionn Cleary fionn.cleary at streamunlimited.com
Thu Mar 4 16:18:38 GMT 2021


Peter is pretty busy elsewhere, but I have some time to get this feature

> This looks a bit strange.. Why would a D-Bus signal include the SSID?
> Shouldn't this instead be identifying the network object that is being
> temporarily disabled?

This should be straightforward enough to change.  For our initial test
code it was just more straightforward to match the SSIDs, but changing
our side to use the network object instead is fine.

> If there is a signal notifying that a network got temporarily disabled,
> shouldn't there be a signal to notify that such temporarily disablement
> was removed?

Also straightforward, and also makes sense for us too (in the near-term
future this will be useful).

I was examining how the Network object "Enabled" property behaves, so
perhaps it might actually just make more sense to make this another
related property?  I’m not quite sure what it would be called though,
"TemporarilyDisabled" (defaulting to false) seems a bit unwieldy, even
if it is descriptive.


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