hostapd and Intel AX200...

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Sun Jan 31 15:20:10 EST 2021

Mandi! Dennis Bland
  In chel di` si favelave...

> Try to assign an actual channel (e.g. 1) instead of using ACS, and
> then use Wireshark to see if the beacon is being advertised on that
> channel.
> Also, is there any reason why you set wpa=1?  WPAv1 is deprecated and
> should no longer be used.  For compatibility, set wpa=3, which is bit
> 0 (WPAv1) and bit 1 (WPAv2) enabled to support both WPAv1 and WPAv2.
> Also suggest removing CCMP from wpa_pairwise, as WPAv1 with CCMP is
> not officially a valid combination.

I've setup a test system, with the same kernel and distro, and tried to
setup 'hw_mode=b', channel=1 and wpa=3, but nothing changed, still
hostapd simply quits.

If could be useful, there's some more tests i can do?


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