[PATCH 6/6] SAE: Make H2E work with multiple passwords

Peter Åstrand astrand at lysator.liu.se
Sun Feb 7 15:07:56 EST 2021

On Sat, 6 Feb 2021, Jouni Malinen wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 03:59:59PM +0100, Peter Åstrand wrote:
> > Need to derive pt for all sae_passwords, as well as
> > initially call auth_sae_send_commit with update=1.
> Similar comments here..
> What kind of testing did you do with this set of patches? When I tried
> using SAE Password Identifier with the mac80211 implementation not
> supporting RSNXE inclusion in Beacon/Probe Response frames. Has that
> been implemented now?

Thanks for all feedback. I have tested Mesh connections between an iMX6 
system as well as multiple BeagleBone Green Wireless systems. All running 
Linux 5.4.24, and with WiFi chip TI WL1835. No kernel patches except the 
TI WiLink patches (port to 5.4 per 
Communication has been monitored using Wireshark, so I have confirmed that 
H2E is really used. Don't know anything about RSNXE, unfortunately.

> In addition to the change on where the SAE passwords would be stored,
> I'd like to see this functionality working with mac80211_hwsim before
> I'd consider applying it. In other words, new test cases to
> tests/hwsim/test_wpas_mesh.py would be highly appreciated. For now, I'm
> dropping the patches since it does not seem very useful to apply the
> first two before the password configuration location has been resolved.

Makes sense! It might take some time, but I'll make a try.

Best regards,

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