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On 2/2/21 7:20 AM, Boris wrote:
> Am 02.02.21 um 15:50 schrieb Ben Greear:
>> On 2/2/21 6:26 AM, Boris wrote:
>>> Hej hostapd-list,
>>> hej Jouni,
>>> first let me thank you all for your nonprofit work! Great soaftware that many use since long time with great self-evidence. Thanks so much!!
>>> This message contains a help request following:
>>> For the use as a router-box, I run LEAF (, a dedicated small linux on a APU board ( equipped with a 
>>> WLAN adapter Compex WLE900VX 7AA.
>> That radio is dual band, but not dual concurrent, so it can be on only a single channel at a time.
>> It should work fine in apu2, we use it in the same chassis often.
> Hej Ben,
> thank you for your statement!
> Yes, it works fine - in either the one or the other mode.
> OK. So after all, I seem to have chosen not the right hardware for my plan.
> Is there a suggestion what PCI-E adapter to use that supports 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz radio at the same time (perhaps even Wifi 6) ??

None that I know about.  Just put two wle900vx in your APU2 and then you can run two bands concurrently.

There are no commercially available pcie 6E nics available that can do AP mode as far as I know.

The Intel ax210 can do 6E station mode with 5.11+ kernels.


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