questions with WLE900VX 7AA

Boris boris at
Tue Feb 2 09:26:45 EST 2021

Hej hostapd-list,
hej Jouni,

first let me thank you all for your nonprofit work! Great soaftware that 
many use since long time with great self-evidence. Thanks so much!!

This message contains a help request following:

For the use as a router-box, I run LEAF 
(, a dedicated small linux on a APU 
board ( equipped with a WLAN adapter Compex WLE900VX 7AA.

I got it running as 2,4GHz accesspoint and later, with some try and 
error as 5GHz accesspoint as well.

Reading from the tech specs of the WLE900VX, the adapter is introduced 
as 'dual band' module, what makes me hope to make it accessible with 2.4 
GHz _AND_ 5 GHz configuring two SSIDs within hostapd. But I did not 
manage to do so since months - with changing efforts.

Also I'm thinking about the possibility to adjust the radio power for 
the 5GHz accesspoint performs with weak range.

Now I'm at the point to ask for help: Is this adapter known? Is my idea 
feasible? Is there a description of how to do so? Or does anyone have 
such a configuration running and provide me inside in the simplest case?

Thanks very much and regards,


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