[PATCH] Add an option to set secondary channel in hostapd conf

Aaron Komisar akomisar at maxlinear.com
Sun Apr 18 09:12:21 BST 2021

On 8/04/2021 14:51, Arnout Vandecappelle wrote:
>  As far as I understand, the goal is to be able to specify the starting
> secondary channel in case ht_capab=[HT40+][HT40-] just like it's possible to
> specify it in the chan_switch command with the sec_channel_offset parameter.
>  However, I guess that's just a misunderstanding of what ht_capab is doing in
> that case. AFAIU, ht_capab=[HT40+] gives the HT40 capability and sets the
> starting secondary channel to +1, but subsequent channel switches can still set
> it to -1.
>  So I think this patch is indeed not needed, and instead it's just a matter of
> setting either [HT40+] or [HT40-] in the configuration file, and not both.
>  Of course this way of specifying the secondary channel is fairly warty, but it
> is what it is :-)

 Still, we currently don't have the option to set a 20 MHz channel without
losing the 40 MHz capabilities.
Using a 20 MHz channel with 40 MHz capabilities can only be done using
chan_switch command, which can't be used when channel is not set yet (in our
scenario we use disable in order to cancel CAC and need to be able to start
using a specified channel).

 The suggested patch provides this ability.


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