adding a fixed # of bytes to a beacon

Peter Torelli peter.j.torelli at
Sat Sep 12 15:08:40 EDT 2020


A few months ago I posted a question asking how to create a beacon of
a specific number of bytes. This is not possible since the driver will
also add bytes to the beacon and the size varies based on the driver
(or other environmental factors).

Instead, I would like to be able to ADD an arbitrary number of bytes
to a beacon (from 1-100). I can make this my own config param, but
right now I am trying to get the POC up and running.

I've been hacking away at beacons.c and driver_nl80211.c trying to add
either EID extensions using add_buf_data, or modifying the actual
`head` field in params before it is sent to the driver via
send_and_recv_msgs (this function never fails, the bytes just vanish).
I've been using "WLAN_EID_EXTENSION" and experimenting with different
extensions defines in v2.8 (such as WLAN_EID_EXT_FILS_WRAPPED_DATA).

The problem is: even if I succeed in increasing the beacon head or
tail as confirmed in the logfile by seeing the debug dump head/tail
increase, those extra bytes never appear in the Wireshark beacon
capture: the size remains fixed upon transmission.

I could use some guidance, any suggestions?


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