[PATCH] doc: fix typos

yegorslists at googlemail.com yegorslists at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 10 02:10:58 EDT 2020

From: Yegor Yefremov <yegorslists at googlemail.com>

Signed-off-by: Yegor Yefremov <yegorslists at googlemail.com>
 doc/dbus.doxygen           | 4 ++--
 doc/doxygen.conf           | 2 +-
 doc/driver_wrapper.doxygen | 2 +-
 doc/p2p.doxygen            | 2 +-
 4 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/dbus.doxygen b/doc/dbus.doxygen
index a2e5de262..08488ad4c 100644
--- a/doc/dbus.doxygen
+++ b/doc/dbus.doxygen
@@ -891,7 +891,7 @@ fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1.CreateInterface.
 	<h3>Hessid - s - (read/write)</h3>
-	<p>Homogenous ESS identifier</p>
+	<p>Homogeneous ESS identifier</p>
@@ -2037,7 +2037,7 @@ scan results.
 	  <tr><td>KeyMgmt</td><td>as</td><td>Key management suite. Possible array elements: "wpa-psk", "wpa-ft-psk", "wpa-psk-sha256", "wpa-eap", "wpa-ft-eap", "wpa-eap-sha256", "wpa-eap-suite-b", "wpa-eap-suite-b-192", "wpa-fils-sha256", "wpa-fils-sha384", "wpa-ft-fils-sha256", "wpa-ft-fils-sha384", "sae", "ft-sae", "wpa-none"</td>
 	  <tr><td>Pairwise</td><td>as</td><td>Pairwise cipher suites. Possible array elements: "ccmp", "tkip"</td>
 	  <tr><td>Group</td><td>s</td><td>Group cipher suite. Possible values are: "ccmp", "tkip", "wep104", "wep40"</td>
-	  <tr><td>MgmtGroup</td><td>s</td><td>Mangement frames cipher suite. Possible values are: "aes128cmac"</td>
+	  <tr><td>MgmtGroup</td><td>s</td><td>Management frames cipher suite. Possible values are: "aes128cmac"</td>
diff --git a/doc/doxygen.conf b/doc/doxygen.conf
index cf2879010..3f0117393 100644
--- a/doc/doxygen.conf
+++ b/doc/doxygen.conf
@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ TYPEDEF_HIDES_STRUCT   = NO
 # For small to medium size projects (<1000 input files) the default value is
 # probably good enough. For larger projects a too small cache size can cause
 # doxygen to be busy swapping symbols to and from disk most of the time
-# causing a significant performance penality.
+# causing a significant performance penalty.
 # If the system has enough physical memory increasing the cache will improve the
 # performance by keeping more symbols in memory. Note that the value works on
 # a logarithmic scale so increasing the size by one will roughly double the
diff --git a/doc/driver_wrapper.doxygen b/doc/driver_wrapper.doxygen
index a3b470a2e..66211b3ab 100644
--- a/doc/driver_wrapper.doxygen
+++ b/doc/driver_wrapper.doxygen
@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ ap_scan=1:
 - wpa_supplicant requests scan with SIOCSIWSCAN
 - driver reports scan complete with wireless event SIOCGIWSCAN
 - wpa_supplicant reads scan results with SIOCGIWSCAN (multiple call if
-  a larget buffer is needed)
+  a larger buffer is needed)
 - wpa_supplicant decides which AP to use based on scan results
 - wpa_supplicant configures driver to associate with the selected BSS
diff --git a/doc/p2p.doxygen b/doc/p2p.doxygen
index f46d1b80a..d4d86e3ed 100644
--- a/doc/p2p.doxygen
+++ b/doc/p2p.doxygen
@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ service discovery. The user of the P2P module is responsible for
 providing P2P specific Service Request TLV(s) for queries and Service
 Response TLV(s) for responses.
-\subsection p2p_sd_query Quering services of peers
+\subsection p2p_sd_query Querying services of peers
 Service discovery is implemented by processing pending queries as a
 part of the device discovery phase. \ref p2p_sd_request() function is used

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