[PATCH 1/2] hostapd: dfs: allow switch to available channel

Janusz Dziedzic janusz.dziedzic at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 07:44:32 EDT 2020

pt., 9 paź 2020 o 10:37 Jouni Malinen <j at w1.fi> napisał(a):
> On Sat, Oct 03, 2020 at 02:00:12PM +0200, Janusz Dziedzic wrote:
> > For EU, where preCAC is allowed, we should
> > allow switch to DFS available channels, instead
> > of restart BSS.
> Could you please clarify how this is supposed to work in regulatory
> domains that do not allow previously done CAC results to be used? The
> test case added in 2/2 seems to pass even if running the AP with country
> US or CA..

Test itself choose/force EU country and expect AP-CSA-FINISHED
+        # Toggle regulatory - clean all preCAC
+        hostapd.cmd_execute(apdev[0], ['iw', 'reg', 'set', "US"])
+        hapd = start_dfs_ap(apdev[0], country="PL")

I can add negative test also, where will set (we could pass country as a param)
hapd = start_dfs_ap(apdev[0], country="US")
and will expect fail - (we will not get AP-CSA-FINISHED - while AP
will be restarted).


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