How to transmit at 80MHz with VHT

Devin Bayer dev at
Wed Nov 25 07:43:36 EST 2020

On 24/11/2020 18.48, Devin Bayer wrote:
> Hello,
> I have what may be a basic question. I am trying to use 80 MHz channels for
> 802.11ac and my client station reports that hostapd is always transmitting at 40
> MHz. My client does report it's sending at 80 MHz though.
> It seems like it isn't even trying to use 80 MHz channels. There is nothing in
> the log about it. My card supports WiFi 6, a Qualcomm QCA6391, so it seems like
> that shouldn't be the limitation.

To answer my own question: to use 80 MHz channels for 802.11ac when 802.11ax is
also enabled, one must set the he_oper_* parameters. In my case, I had to add this:


~ dev

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