question about DPP 2.0 chirp

Darshak Thakore darshak at
Tue Nov 10 00:40:50 EST 2020

Hi all,
I'm trying to do a DPP onboard using the new DPP 2.0 presence
announcement with a wpa_supplicant enrollee as the responder and
configurator on hostap as the initiator. I'm able to do the DPP 1.0
style onboarding with
dpp_bootstrap_gen -> dpp_bootstrap_get_uri -> dpp_listen on the
wpa_supplicant cli
dpp_configurator_add -> dpp_qr_code -> dpp_auth_init on the
configurator/hostap cli

The above works, however when I try to do the DPP 2.0 presence announcement,

dpp_bootstrap_gen -> dpp_bootstrap_get_uri -> dpp_chirp on the wpa_supplicant
I can verify that the presence announcement is being sent out (using
airodump-ng) however I can't seem to get the configurator/hostap to
process/respond to the presence announcement. I'm invoking the
following sequence on the hostap cli

dpp_configurator_add -> dpp_qr_code -> dpp_bootstrap_set
Am i invoking the above sequence correctly ? I tried doing a
dpp_listen on the hostap_cli but i don't see any indication in the
hostap logs (with debug enabled) that the presence announcement is
being acted on.

I'm trying all of the above on channel 6 to keep it simple and have

Is there some additional setting/config I'm missing here ?


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