Reconfigure hostapd per BSS

John Crispin john at
Tue Jun 30 01:52:36 EDT 2020

On 30.06.20 07:11, Shay Bar wrote:
> On 29/06/2020 19:53, John Crispin wrote:
>> External Email
>> On 24.06.20 07:16, Shay Bar wrote:
>>> Hi Jouni,
>>> In current code, SIGHUP can be used to reconfigure hostapd.
>>> Upon this signal hostapd will read .conf file and reconfigure.
>>> In case of MBSS, I find it useful to be able to reconfigure only
>>> specific BSS(s) without interfering other BSS's currently running.
>>> I want to implement such mechanism and want your opinion.
>>> I waver between two options:
>>> 1. Add BSS reload mask (of BSS's) to .conf file so that only the
>>>      BSS's enabled in the bitmask will be reconfigured from the
>>>      conf file upon SIGHUP.
>>> 2. Add hostapd_cli RECONFIGURE option that receive as
>>>       parameter the BSS's bitmask and reconfigures
>>>       (from .conf file).only the enabled BSS's.
>>> Appreciate your feedback.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Shay.
>> Hi Shay,
>> we are carrying a patch inside openwrt doing something similar [1]. it
>> basically introduces a radio_id and config_id option, where we put a
>> hash of the radio/bss section of the config file. when you call reload,
>> hostapd will only restart that specific BSS. THis has been working for
>> people in the field, and changes to one BSS wont interrupt the
>> connectivity of others on the same phy. been meaning to send this
>> updtream for a while. might be the time to do so now.
>>      John
>> [1]
> Hi John,
> Exactly what I need!
> will wait for your upstream patch.
> I would add to the patch:
> 1. hostapd.conf description of radio_config_id and config_id parameters.
> 2. Example how to trigger that reload (changing SSID of a specific BSS
> for example).
> Thanks,
> Shay.

Hi Shay,

let me clean it up a little and test it with the cli. we are currently 
triggering this via the ubus interface that we added.


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