[PATCH v2 0/6] nl80211: add support for control port tx status

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Sun Jun 21 11:29:32 EDT 2020

On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 10:32:55AM +0200, Markus Theil wrote:
> This patch series adds support for ctrl port tx status over nl80211.
> With this series, a clean separation between mgmt+ctrl (over nl80211)
> and in-kernel data path is possible for the first time.
> For each send control port frame, a cookie is returned in extended ack
> data. Therefore, a custom ack handler argument for send_and_recv is introduced.
> Afterwards, this is used by tx control port to plug in a cookie handler for
> netlink acks.
> When the kernel returns a tx status notification, the same event, as with
> socket tx status support is triggered. In the future, it is possible to
> compare only cookies on send/tx report if desired so.

>   nl80211: add custom ack handler to send_and_recv
>   nl80211: handle control port tx status events over nl80211
>   nl80211: use control port tx (status) in AP mode if possible
>   nl80211: print tx cookie value for ctrl port tx
>   nl80211: add ack handler for extack cookies
>   nl80211: use ext ack handler for tx ctrl port

Thanks, applied with some cleanup and fixes. I also added a workaround
for the mac80211 TX status delivery issue so that this can be enabled
with the current kernel (i.e., anything that advertises the new driver
capability) without having to wait for the kernel side issues to be
resolved and some potentially special handling for the capability flag.

Jouni Malinen                                            PGP id EFC895FA

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