Is PMF with development branch working?

Karthik Krishnamoorthy kkrishnamoorthy at
Thu May 3 01:37:08 PDT 2018


I am working on the development branch for hostapd.

I started testing PMF mode , with ieee80211w=1.

>From testing what I see is the client fails to associate.

On sniffer analysis , I found that Message 3 from AP is not proper.

Especially the WPA key data length is 88 bytes.

Whereas when I compare this with hostapd 2.1 version , the WPA key data length is 96 bytes.

There is 8 byte mismatch in the M3 message from AP between hostapd version 2.1 and latest development branch version.

Clients associate with hostapd 2.1 version, so I believe that is a correct length.

Anyone seen this behaviour or is this fixed already? Do I need to sync to latest code?

Thanks and Regards,

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