[PATCH 00/15] MKA bugfixes and enhancements

msiedzik at extremenetworks.com msiedzik at extremenetworks.com
Fri Mar 2 12:10:48 PST 2018

From: Mike Siedzik <msiedzik at extremenetworks.com>

This patch series fixes several bugs in the MACsec Key Agreement (MKA)
protocol.  The series also includes enhancements such as better handling
of errant and/or missing MKPDU parameter sets, detection of duplicate
MAC addresses, and pausing MKA when link is down.

Mike Siedzik (15):
  mka: When matching CKNs ensure that lengths are identical
  mka: Ignore MACsec SAK Use Old Key parameter if we don't remember our
    old key
  mka: Incorrect conf_offset sent in MKPDU when in policy mode
  mka: Loss of live peers should result in connect PENDING not
  mka: finish implementation of CP state machine "port_enabled"
  mka: KaY setting Parameter Set Body Length incorrectly
  mka: Detect duplicate MAC addresses during key server election
  mka: MKPDU SAK Use Body's Delay Protect bit set incorrectly
  mka: Lowest acceptable Packet Number (LPN) calculated and used
  mka: Do not print contents of SAK to debug log
  mka: Fix a few minor bugs in CP state machine
  mka: resources leaked when duplicated SCI detected
  mka: do not ignore MKPDU parameter set decoding failures
  mka: consider missing MKPDU parameter sets a failure
  mka: do not update potential peer liveness timer

 src/drivers/driver.h              |   8 +
 src/drivers/driver_macsec_linux.c |  43 +++++
 src/pae/ieee802_1x_cp.c           |  26 ++-
 src/pae/ieee802_1x_cp.h           |   1 +
 src/pae/ieee802_1x_kay.c          | 384 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------
 src/pae/ieee802_1x_kay.h          |   5 +
 src/pae/ieee802_1x_kay_i.h        |   5 +-
 src/pae/ieee802_1x_secy_ops.c     |  21 +++
 src/pae/ieee802_1x_secy_ops.h     |   2 +
 wpa_supplicant/driver_i.h         |   8 +
 wpa_supplicant/wpas_kay.c         |   7 +
 11 files changed, 420 insertions(+), 90 deletions(-)



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