Concurrent infrastructure-client and P2P on 5GHz DFS channel

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Mon Jan 15 09:45:01 PST 2018

Hi all,

I am using wpa_supplicant to connect a client-station to a 5GHz AP (infrastructure mode) and then initiating a P2P connection to another station that is connected to the same AP too. This works well in case the AP operates at channel 40 (5200MHz). But with the AP at channel 140 (5700MHz), initiating the P2P connection with P2P_CONNECT command always fails with:

wpa_supplicant[1067]: P2P: All channels are in use and none of them are P2P enabled. Cannot start P2P group

I looked into this and found out that DFS channels are disabled for P2P in multiple places in the source code (like e.g. global_op_class[] constant and wpas_p2p_verify_channel() function).

I understand that it is a bad idea to launch a P2P group on a DFS channel without checking for Radar emmitions. But in my setup, these checks are done by the AP already.

Do you think we can allow a DFS-channel for P2P if we are an infrastructure client on that channel at the same time already?

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