no RSN or WPA IE in association request

Pukitis, Martins martins.pukitis at
Fri Jan 5 07:45:13 PST 2018


>From Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Protected Setup(tm) Interoperability Test Plan Version 2.0.17, test 4.2.13 Check correctness of APUT association procedure test requirement:
"The APUT must ignore the RSN IE and the WPA IE if present in the Association Request frame."
Which implies that RSN and WPA IEs are optional. Wi-Fi Alliance is providing test STA that doesn't have these elements. STA completes WSC and sends association request. Hostapd requires that one of these elements is present to start WPA SM. As result WPA SM is not started and STA is not able to connect. Please, share your thoughts of where the issue is and how it could be fixed. Station is Intel 633AN_HMWWB Windows XP OS Driver:


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