[PATCH RESEND] wpa_supplicant: update MAC when driver detects a change

Beniamino Galvani bgalvani at redhat.com
Wed Jan 3 03:05:47 PST 2018

On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 10:43:13AM +0100, Beniamino Galvani wrote:
> wpa_supplicant updates own_addr when the interface becomes enabled, as
> the MAC can only change when the interface is down. However, drivers
> don't report all interface state changes: for example the nl80211
> driver may ignore a down-up cycle if the down message is processed
> when the interface is already up.
> In such cases, wpa_supplicant (and in particular, the EAP state
> machine) would continue to use the old MAC causing authentication
> failures due to a mismatch of the computed PMKID.
> Add a new driver event that notifies of MAC address changes while the
> interface is active.


any comments about this patch?


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