Configuring FT for hostapd

Matthew Wang matthewmwang at
Tue Feb 20 17:21:18 PST 2018


I'm attempting to set up Fast Transition using FT-PSK between 2
hostapd instances on the same host. However, when a client tries to
roam, the target AP sends a pull request to the current AP that is
never received. I've tried setting pmk_r1_push=1 as well, and in both
cases, using wireshark to sniff the packets, but nothing turns up. It
looks like ft_bridge might be the solution to this problem, but that
option isn't upstream yet. Are there any plans to include ft_bridge
upstream? If not, are there any working configurations out there using
FT-PSK and not ft_psk_generate_local, i.e. successful inter-AP
communication for R1?


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