Passive Taxonomy of Wifi Clients using MLME Frame Contents

Swapnil Samant swapnilsamant at
Wed Apr 25 12:19:41 PDT 2018

Hello, I am trying to use the passive taxonomy feature of hostapd. I
have compiled hostapd using the CONFIG_TAXONOMY flag and trying to get
the clients signature using the hostapd_cli "signature" command. When
I run the command hostapd_cli signature pp:qq:rr:ss:tt:uu, I can't get
the clients signature. I am using hosted v 2.6 with dnsmasq 2.79. The
clients are connecting to the hostapd (verified with hostapd_cli
all_sta) but I can't get the signature. I would appreciate any help I
can get from you guys. Thank you!

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