802.11s + wpa_supplicant

Kimmo Vuorinen kimmo.vuorinen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 23:48:21 PDT 2018


I recently switched authsae to wpa_supplicant in my 802.11s mesh
network, my network setup description below:

host eth0 (macvlan) forward to wlan0
host wlan0 (macvlan) bridge to pwlan0-0 (phy)
guests vif?-2 (macvtap) bridge to pwlan0-0 (phy)

wpa_supplicant running on pwlan0-0, tried with -b wlan0 option also.

Only change on network setup is authsae to wpa_supplicant change but now
packets arriving host interface eth0 do not pass to wireless interface.

Host and guests can access mesh network fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

    Kimmo Vuorinen

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