Use of HostAPd with EUI64 based networks (ie IEEE 802.15.4)

James Hanley jhanley at
Mon Nov 27 06:46:03 PST 2017

We've prototyped HostAPd with use on an IEEE 802.15.4 6LoWPAN network,
but had to make a modification to src\utils\common.h such that
ETH_ALEN is changed to expand to 8 instead of 6 so that the EUI-64 can
be supported.  This was a simple change for us, but would probably
either be better suited as a configuration option or auto-detected
based on the network interface type.

Is there a recommendation on how to make this either a runtime
per-interface configuration option or an autodetect option based on
interface type and would this be something that would be accepted in a
pull request?

Thanks much,
take care,

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