WMM AC: Missing IEs

Felix Åkerlund felix.akerlund.978 at student.lu.se
Tue Nov 14 03:25:00 PST 2017


I'm using wpa_supplicant v2.6 for wired EAP-TLS. It works just fine, but
whenever I start up wpa_supplicant on my device, I see the following error:
"WMM AC: Missing IEs".

While looking around in the code to figure out what's causing it, I get the
impression that this should perhaps not be treated as an error?

The missing Information Elements are described as optional in the
wpa_event_data::assoc_info Struct Reference here:

If the IEs are missing, perhaps a debug message should be printed rather than an
error, or maybe wmm_ac_init() should not be called in the first place.


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