[PATCH V2 0/9] nl80211: add support for PTK/GTK handshake offload

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Mon May 29 02:31:43 PDT 2017

Hi Arend,

> > Note that this (checking NEW_KEY) only works when you don't have
> > any split between AP/client cases. Not sure what's the case for
> > you.
> Late response so hopefully you recall, but what do you mean by "any 
> split between AP/client cases"?

I meant the capability split - let's say you support 4-way-HS only for
client, but not for AP. Then you have to support the NEW_KEY command
for the AP case, even if you might not support non-offloaded 4-way-HS
for the client case.

So if something supports the following:

 * client: offloaded 4-way-HS only
 * AP: not offloaded 4-way-HS only

Then you have to support NEW_KEY (AP case) and then using NEW_KEY to
detect whether or not a wpa_s configuration option to not use offloaded
4-way-HS can be used will not work correctly.

I don't really see that this is a sensible configuration, but I could
imagine it existing if somebody "bolted on" AP functionality for a
client-side chipset or something like that.

Again, I think I'm happy to leave this up to you - this kind of
configuration option should really only be used for debugging anyway,
so just getting errors later is probably fine.


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