Trouble connection to eduroam - openssl 1.1.0.e vs 1.0.2.l

Mauro Santos registo.mailling at
Fri May 26 13:45:30 PDT 2017

On 26-05-2017 20:57, Dan Williams wrote:
> Use "-dddt" for max debugging with timestamps.  Make sure you scan the
> logs for your password and remove that before sending to the list of
> course.  It might also be in the hex bytes the supplicant dumps, so
> check those too.

I have rerun the tests now with -dddt. The distro has updated openssl to
1.1.0f so this tests are with the new version (which still causes problems).

I have used:
wpa_supplicant -cipt.conf -iwlan0 -dddt 2>&1 | tee {good,bad}

to get the logs and check when I can ^C and stop things. I think I
didn't miss any output.

For the case where I manage to connect I have confirmed that things work
by running dhcpcd after wpa_supplicant and successfully pinging google.

In the logs I have [REDACTED] my username (8 bytes long if it matters)
and I believe passwords are not dumped to the logs unless -K is used, at
least I didn't find my password in the logs.

Logs for both cases are attached.

Mauro Santos
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