(non-FT) Roaming question

Mikael Kanstrup mikael.kanstrup at sony.com
Fri May 12 03:29:44 PDT 2017


A few questions about non-FT roaming. Basically the case moving between 
two bsses with identical configuration on same local network.

Is the association towards first AP lost as soon as roaming towards the 
other AP is initiated?

I ask to better understand the following scenario:

1. STA connects to first AP (AP1)
2. STA initiates roam to second AP (AP2)
3. AP2 fails to respond with Association Response
4. STA times out waiting for Association Response
5. STA disconnects from AP1
6. STA decides to reconnect, finds AP1 and reconnects

Why is STA disconnected from AP1 at step 5 above? Can't the old 
association with AP1 be kept to allow a non-interrupted connection 
towards the network if roam fails?

We see this happing on crowded networks where the number of 
retransmitted management frames at times are huge. Logs from a simulated 
environment available.

Supplicant debug log with the scenario:

The logs are from a setup like this:
- Two hostapds (latest version from git) running with D-Link DWA-160 
adapters (driver rx28xx)
- wpa_supplicant (latest version from git) running with Raspberry PI 
Wi-Fi dongle (driver brcmfmac)
- hostapd has been patched with attached patch to allow blocking assoc 
response frames.


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