wpa_supplicant - after updating kernel to 4.12, no traffic

Yaroslav Isakov yaroslav.isakov at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 11:11:56 PDT 2017

Sorry for mess - it was a problem between kernel and dhcpcd, so no
wpa_supplicant error :)

2017-07-18 0:50 GMT+03:00 Yaroslav Isakov <yaroslav.isakov at gmail.com>:
> Hello! I found that after updating to 4.12 kernel, after rebooting my
> dhcpcd cannot get an address. I'm using an option
> "preassoc_mac_addr=2", and after I've commented it, problem was fixed.
> I've bisected the kernel, and found that commit
> https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/cd8966e75ed3c6b41a37047a904617bc44fa481f
> is causing this. So, is it a kernel regression, or is wpa_supplicant
> relying on kernel bug?

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