[BUG] wpa_supplicant in SAE mode kills AP on same PHY

Charlemagne Lasse charlemagnelasse at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 06:09:40 PST 2017

>> You are saying that this is fixed in the kernel? What is the fix? I
>> would like to backport it.
> And why is a kernel fix required when it works fine with authsae?

Following code in wpa_supplicant is killing the accesspoint:

if (iface->hostapd_ctrl) {
char *cmd = "STOP_AP";
char buf[256];
int len = sizeof(buf);

wpa_s->hostapd = wpa_ctrl_open(iface->hostapd_ctrl);
if (!wpa_s->hostapd) {
wpa_printf(MSG_ERROR, "\nFailed to connect to hostapd\n");
return -1;
if (hostapd_stop(wpa_s) < 0)
return -1;

wpa_supplicant.c - wpa_supplicant_init_iface() is killing the AP. Why
would I need a kernel change to get this code removed from hostapd? I
don't see how the used kernel would change the behavior in

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