efforts to migrate the wpa_supplicant config lexer/parser to lex/yacc?

Andreas Grapentin andreas at grapentin.org
Mon Feb 27 07:21:55 PST 2017


I have been looking at the config parser of wpa_supplicant because I
wanted to add an integration for the pass program, to avoid having to
keep the passwords to the access points as plain text.

While doing that, I noticed that the config parser is much more verbose
than it would have to be, given the simplicity of the grammar of the
config files - I think that if it were to be migrated to flex/bison,
there would be an order of magnitude less code, and probably be more
robust and flexible.

Has there been any effort in this direction? I assume this has already
been brought up before, and there are good reasons to keep it the way it
is, but I had to ask :)



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