List of configuration options

Rostislav Devyatov deviatov at
Sat Feb 4 21:53:33 PST 2017

Dear wpa_supplicant developers,

The README file of wpa_supplicant says:

See defconfig file for an example configuration and a list of
available options and additional notes.

Do I understand correctly that defonfig file does NOT contain the
COMPLETE list of available (and officially supported) configuration
options? Is it possible to see the complete list of officially
supported options somewhere?

I am particularly interested in the option called CONFIG_IBSS_RSN. It
is not present in defconfig (and not in README either), but it appears
in Makefile and in several C files
(as #ifdef CONFIG_BSS_RSN). Is this option supported? Or the fact that
it is not present in defconfig means that it is not yet supported and
intended to be "N" until it appears in defconfig?

The reason of my question is that it seems to me that in one of linux
distributions (gentoo), the maintainers assume that all possible
options are mentioned in defconfig, at least their configuration
programs can only switch options that are listed in defconfig.

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