radius_das.c and IPv6 CoA supports

Ted Tsung-Te Lai tsungtelai at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 14:42:42 PDT 2017

Helle everyone,

I have a quick question about if hostapd supports IPv6
Disconnect-Request and CoA-Request packets or not.

I have a FreeRadius Server running IPv6 only and the router (running
dual stack) uses the FreeRadius as RADIUS server. The authentication
(or Access-Request) works fine on IPv6. For the CoA request, on the
FreeRadius server, I use radclient to send a Disconnect-Request to the
~:radclient -6 -x [Router's IPv6 address]:3799 disconnect testing

And I never gets ACK or NAK packets from the router. I did not see any
logs in hostapd.log either.

After looking at the code, radius_das.c, it seems like hostapd only
listens to the IPv4 socket (in static int radius_das_open_socket(int
port) function). Does that mean the hostapd currently only supports
IPv4 CoA packets?


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