4-way handshake offloading for WPA/WPA2-PSK

Arend van Spriel arend.vanspriel at broadcom.com
Tue Aug 15 14:50:29 PDT 2017

On 10-08-17 17:35, bhnaik . wrote:
> Is there any provision to offload 4-way handshake in hostapd or any
> proposed patch that contains support for supplicant offload.?
> If it’s not available, then how easy or complex to add such support in hostapd.
> Requirement: The driver/device is assumed to handle the 4-way
> handshake by itself instead of relying on the hostapd.

In linux 4.13-rc1 it has been added to the nl80211 API. For 
wpa_supplicant some RFC's have been submitted for this [1]. I currently 
have a patch series ready for submission, but I was waiting for 4.13 
kernel release to do so.


[1] https://www.spinics.net/lists/hostap/index.html#03238

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