EAPOL termination + RADIUS only

Turner, Randy Randy.Turner at landisgyr.com
Tue Aug 1 19:27:55 PDT 2017

Hi All,

After reading some of the hostapd documentation, it looks like the individual pieces (EAPOL, EAP, TLS, RADIUS client, etc.) are quite modular.

I was hoping to take advantage of this modularity by creating a hostapd that does NOT include the AP portion 

I want to write my own driver that feeds 802.1x/EAPOL packets to the hostapd state machine and receives EAPOL packets for transmission.

I’m not using 802.11 - but I need an 802.1x/EAPOL authenticator to proxy EAP-TLS to a remote RADIUS server - hostapd has all this functionality but I don’t need 802.11.

Is this possible ?  It’s basically a dummy communications driver that supplies EAPOL packets to hostapd and receives EAPOL packets for transmission

I’m actually sending and receiving EAPOL over another type of communications interface (not 802.11)


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