wpa_cli command to get current BSS

Joel Cunningham joel.cunningham at me.com
Mon Oct 17 15:46:07 PDT 2016

I need to get the current BSS entry information (when associated) from wpa_cli.  From studying the implementation of the BSS list and current wpa_cli commands, I’ve come up with scraping the BSSID and SSID from “wpa_cli STATUS” and then using “wpa_cli BSS FIRST” and “wpa_cli BSS NEXT-id“ to walk the BSS list until finding a BSSID and SSID match.  Is the current best practice?

I was thinking a simpler approach would be to do a lookup based on the BSS entry ID, but that’s not available in “wpa_cli STATUS”.  I see that WPA supplicant saves a pointer to the current BSS via wpa_s->current_bss.  Would it make sense to add a new BSS subcommand to output the BSS in wpa_s->current_bss?  Something like ‘wpa_cli BSS CURRENT”?



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