wpa_supplicant fails to connect to mesh network

Bob Copeland me at bobcopeland.com
Mon Oct 10 06:09:28 PDT 2016

On Sun, Oct 09, 2016 at 08:36:10PM +0000, Nathan Price wrote:
> wlan0:    selected BSS 18:a6:f7:07:7a:e0 ssid='mz_mesh'
> wlan0: Avoiding join because we already joined a mesh group
> wlan0: Control interface command 'SCAN'
> wlan0: Setting scan request: 0.000000 sec
> wlan0: Starting AP scan for wildcard SSID

Are both ends running wpa_supplicant with user_mpm = 1 and same config

My guess is kernel is rejecting the probe response/beacon because the peer
candidate doesn't match the local node config.  That's why we get a scan
result without a corresponding peer candidate event.  Any chance you could
send a pcap (offlist) that I can look at?

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