failure using wpa_supplicant from command line

Jouni Malinen j at
Sun Oct 9 06:59:36 PDT 2016

On Tue, Oct 04, 2016 at 03:54:48PM +0300, Gucea Doru wrote:
> The problem is that the scanning for new networks is issued only after SIGHUP:
> - If I start wpa_supplicant with wpa_supplicant -Dnl80211 -iwlan0
> -c./ap.conf the scan process is not started;
> - If I send SIGHUP to the wpa_suplicant process then the scan process
> is started the connection to the AP specified in the configuration
> file is successful.
> I just want wpa_suppllicant to start the scan process without sending
> a SIGHUP. Does the Android framework use any addition parameter for
> wpa_supplicant in order to issue the scan command?

The Android Wi-Fi framework issues SCAN commands and takes care of
network selection based on scan results. A separate command (e.g.,
SELECT_NETWORK) is then used to request a connection.

> I also tried to start wpa_supplicant from comman line with the same
> configuration files used by the Android framework but the problem
> persists.

It is still not clear to me what this "problem" is. What you describe
here sounds like the expected behavior on Android..

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